QueryConnection's 2020-2021 Sponsor

We are grateful to our very first QC sponsor! With Elusive Press's sponsorship, we've been able to move from a free host to a paid service with a direct URL, upgraded SEO, and have exciting new ways to expand our platform. 

To say thank you, we're hosting the launch of their premiere series, Sleeping Lotus, set for release on March 14, 2020. 

Elusive Press is a small indie publishing house established in 2020. Their aim is to provide unique and experimental fantasy and science fiction across multiple sub-genres. Elusive Press's award-winning acquisitions editor, Mica Kole, who runs @writevent on Twitter and has a Bachelor’s degree in the English language (with a creative writing concentration) from Michigan State University, offers a variety of services outside of Elusive Press's publishing arm. 
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The Sleeping Lotus Series

Scottie Kaye Book 01 The Rose Contract.j

The Rose Contract

To be with the man she loves, the illusion mage Raena Barren must become a spy… which means selling her body to whatever man pays the most.