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Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Hello Writers, and welcome to QueryConnection! A place for writers of all genres to share their queries for critiques and to critique others' in return. This last point is important, but more on that later.

Why did we choose to build a new forum?

Well, while we are not affiliated with them, AgentQuery Connect (a site that's served writers *including us* for almost ten years) has had a captcha issue that prevents new writers from joining their forum. This has been ongoing for the past year now with unanswered pleas for help to fix the broken captcha. So, we've decided the time has come to start a new home for those querying writers *including us* who need help clarifying and refining their queries. We hope you come join us.

Our Goal: It is our goal to establish and build a community where writers can come to workshop their queries in a safe and inclusive space. Please be sure to check out our Code of Conduct

There are TWO ways to best engage the community. (1) post your query (2) find other queries that interest you and post a critique in return. Really, it's just common courtesy and good karma all around.

We hope to see you out there on the forums!

The QueryConnection Team

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