The Rose Contract Release

The release for Elusive Press's book The Rose Contract is here!

We here at QueryConnection are pleased to be hosting the book launch for The Rose Contract on our forum. From 12PM EST - 3PM EST on March 14, 2020, author Scottie Kaye will be hosting several exciting events and swag giveaways, while Elusive Press is holding a query critique giveaway.

You can also find all information on Elusive Press's website.

An erotic fantasy adventure (with spies!) by Scottie Kaye

About the book:

Free until 3/18/2020 - Always Free on Kindle Unlimited

Raena Barren is an illusion mage with a secret: of all the magic users in the world of Sense, she is the only one who can hide in plain sight. She never realized the value of this ability until she fell in love… with the leader of a spy ring, Jorr Portent.

To be with Jorr, Raena will need to become one of his female operatives–but while her magic might give her an edge, being a Thorn isn’t easy. After all, how can she use her body without betraying her ideals–all while keeping Jorr’s jealousy from killing them both?

But on this path to sexual awakening, Raena has more to learn than she knows. In the pursuit of true love, Raena will have to overcome loss, betrayal, and her own crippling regret–all while taking down a sex-trafficking organization that could destroy the very world as she knows it.

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