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Updated: May 12

We've been busy behind the scenes building a fabulous team full of experience in the publishing industry. These Mentor/ Genre Moderators are available and running the Genre Forums (found toward the bottom of the forum category list). In these Genre Forums, you can ask questions of our mentors and other members, interact with others writing in your genre, and learn the ins and outs of the publishing industry. These amazing authors are here to help you on your path to publishing.

*UPDATE NOTE 12/5/20* In this instance, calling our author team "mentors" ≠ a direct 1:1 mentorship. This is not a contest in any way. They are here in the forums to answer your genre/ age category specific questions on the community forum and to help guide our members to publishing success.

You can find all their profiles on the Meet the Genre Moderators page or see the list below to learn who we've brought on board.

For Young Adult we have Mindy McGinnis & R.C. Lewis.

For Middle Grade we have MarcyKare Connolly & Matt Sinclair

For Speculative Fiction we have Michael Mammay

In Contemporary we have Amy Trueblood

In Historical Fiction we have Sophie Perinot

For Women's Fiction we have Michelle Keener

In Erotica, we have Scottie Kaye

And last (but certainly not least) in Literary we have Matt Sinclair

We do also have Mystery & Crime and Romance areas but we're still searching for the perfect candidate to moderate these genres.

The QueryConnection Events Calendar has been updated with the upcoming writerly events. By clicking on "Copy to my Google calendar" you can add any of the events listed to your calendar so you never have to miss another writing event again. *TIP* Sign up for our newsletter and be the first to receive updates & a list of added events with the associated dates.

We hope everyone is staying safe during these difficult times.

Happy writing!

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