1-year Anniversary, #AgentTips, & Updates

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Happy one-year anniversary to QueryConnection!

Thank you all for helping build this community of over 300 members into what it is! In the past year we’ve held critique giveaways, hosted two #PracPits to help writers fine-tune their twitter pitches, assisted Elusive Press with their launch of the Sleeping Lotus Series, hosted several RevPit editors for a Q&A, gathered an amazing team of Genre Moderators to answer your genre-specific questions on the forum, plus more.

For our second year of operation, we have some exciting new initiatives underway behind the scenes and some favourites returning. We plan on continuing hosting #PracPit for the major pitch events (keep up to date with our site calendar) and are working on putting together another critique giveaway from industry professionals in early 2021. For new items coming to the forum, we’re working on launching a new #AgentTip program and some updates to the member pages. Keep reading for more info on both these new features.


In an effort to help agents streamline incoming submission material and stop writers from making the same mistakes over and over, QueryConnection is starting a new initiative where we compile an ongoing series of #AgentTips surrounding query, synopsis, and general submission best practices tweeted from our Twitter account. Tweets will be scheduled to go out Monday-Friday (starting October 5, 2020), but our newsletter subscribers will get all the tips we’re posting for the week in a Sunday newsletter. Be sure to sign-up for our newsletter so you get updates and the #AgentsTips first!

Don’t worry though, for the members who aren’t receiving the newsletter, these tips will also be archived at the end of each week on the forum.

Agents: Feel free to contact us via the chat feature or email us at queryconnection@gmail.com for the information links and sign-up form.

We also have new member’s page functions!

You can now add custom headers to your profile. Please keep all images in line with our Code of Conduct.

While we are still working out the public page details, we’ve set up private pages for you to enter and update ways for the community to connect with you! (You can find the links under "More" as indicated below). This will allow people to find you across various social media platforms and give you full control over the information you provide to the community. Once the public page is live, all the details entered on your private page will be available for the public to see and connect with you.

We will also be adding a spot for book links once we work out the details of the public pages. Feel free to go in and get your profile set up in anticipation for the public pages to go live.

Currently, we have the below options available for you to share. If you have any other options you’d like added, please fill out the contact form with your ideas, and we’d happily add it to the available options.

As always, we want to hear from you! What would you like to see come to QueryConnection in the future? Please let us know either on the forum, via the chat function on the site, or via the contact form.

Thank you for being part of this community. Here's to many years to come!

The QC Team

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